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Ferdinand Marcos birth centenary stamp

P12 face value, issued in 2017 Philippine stamp commemorating the birth centenary of former president

Lao PDR stamp of a crab

issued in 2007 brand new that I bought on a trip to Luang Prabang, Laos...

Postes Lao stamp with corn and hammer and sickle logo

issued in 1984 brand new that I bought on a trip to Luang Prabang, Laos...
2014 stamp of a cow- Netherlands

Dutch stamp (2014 issue)- cow graphic

Amsterdam postmark (from personal correspondence)
egg fruit stamp 2017 Philippines

2017 stamp of an Egg Fruit

2017 stamp featuring a pouteria campechiana (egg fruit) 1 peso value (from personal correspondence)

2015 stamp of a sweet tamarind

2015 stamp featuring a pithecellobium dulce (sweet tamarind) 35 peso value (from personal correspondence)

2016 stamp of Calamansi

2016 Philippine stamp of Citrofortunella mitis/ Calamansi fruit 17 pesos value (from personal correspondence)

Murex shell stamp

Philippine stamp of a murex shell (scientific name murex sp.) issued in 2011

Sydney Harbor Bridge stamp issued in 2007

Australian stamp from 2016 personal correspondence

stamp featuring a rose apple

issued in 2015 in the Philippines stamp from private correspondence syzygium samarangense

stamp featuring a black plum

2015 stamp issued in the Philippines from private correspondence black plum: syzygium cumini
barn swallow bird stamp

stamp of a barn swallow (bird)

issued in the Philippines, 2007 stamp from personal correspondence