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About me:

I specialize in documenting the urban landscape and unseen treasures.

Documenting modern landscapes with man made structures, urban typography, street art, graffiti in the Philippines and beyond, etc.

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About this blog:

Stamps are like miniature postcards. But they’re not just pretty pictures, as they’re meant for actually sending one piece of physical mail to someone else.

I have a few lying around my house. The Taiwanese ones were gifts, the Vietnamese ones were purchased (used) in a memorabilia store, and the assorted ones were from private correspondence to me that I scanned.

A handful are brand new stamps that were lent to me to scan. Like these Manny Pacquiao or Pope Francis stamps.

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For years I told myself I’ll scan the numerous Taiwanese and Vietnamese booklets until one day in December 2014 I decided to get started on scanning the hundreds of stamps here. It took a while, and then I had to process them by resizing, renaming, organizing into themes, and manually pasting into the dimensions required for the “Featured Image” part of the post for this WordPress theme. and finally.. posting them.

Hope you enjoy them. Updates every 10-15 days on the dot.

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