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Philippine stamps

Ferdinand Marcos birth centenary stamp

P12 face value, issued in 2017 Philippine stamp commemorating the birth centenary of former president
egg fruit stamp 2017 Philippines

2017 stamp of an Egg Fruit

2017 stamp featuring a pouteria campechiana (egg fruit) 1 peso value (from personal correspondence)

2015 stamp of a sweet tamarind

2015 stamp featuring a pithecellobium dulce (sweet tamarind) 35 peso value (from personal correspondence)

2016 stamp of Calamansi

2016 Philippine stamp of Citrofortunella mitis/ Calamansi fruit 17 pesos value (from personal correspondence)

Murex shell stamp

Philippine stamp of a murex shell (scientific name murex sp.) issued in 2011

stamp featuring a rose apple

issued in 2015 in the Philippines stamp from private correspondence syzygium samarangense

stamp featuring a black plum

2015 stamp issued in the Philippines from private correspondence black plum: syzygium cumini
barn swallow bird stamp

stamp of a barn swallow (bird)

issued in the Philippines, 2007 stamp from personal correspondence
2007 butterfly stamp from the Philippines

Achilides chikae chikae butterfly stamp

Issued in 2007, Philippines stamp from personal correspondence

Santo Nino philippine stamp

430th anniversary stamp of the Santo Nino (baby Jesus statue) 2015 issue, P10 value

Philippine Children’s Medical Center commemorative stamp

issued in 2015 P10 value from personal correspondence

APEC 2015 Philippine stamp

issued in 2015 to commemorate APEC being held in manila